Instruction of
To begin treatment, make sure that you have bulimia. The diagnosis should be formally prescribed by a doctor. In addition to constant overeating and attempts to cleanse your stomach of food eaten, bulimia is characterized by purely psychological symptoms: the patient is tormented by guilt for a large amount of eaten, underrated self-esteem, the need for public approval, frequent depressions. In addition, bulimia can indicate persistent sore throat, muscle pain, dropping teeth. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. If the diagnosis is confirmed, follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor, and do everything to speed up recovery.
Start the course of psychotherapy. Usually people are frightened by the words "psychotherapist".In fact, this person can really help you - he will be your interlocutor and a guide to your own inner world, help you understand the causes of the disease, and therefore help to get rid of it at a psychological level as quickly as possible.
Take medication prescribed by your doctor. Usually, strong antidepressants( eg, fluoxetine), tricyclic antidepressants are prescribed to treat bulimia, which reduce binge eating and vomiting.
Maintain a strict power supply. It should appoint a doctor-gastroenterologist, but there are some basic rules common to all: eat at certain times in small portions. Do not skip meals, try to eat 4-6 times a day. Completely eliminate from the diet sources of glucose and starch. Eat more foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids. Take food supplements with zinc content.