What are the banks?

For a long time, only glass medical banks could be found in pharmacies. They are now. Experienced nurses often prefer them, but such banks require increased attention. First, they need to be carefully examined before each procedure, since the edges have the property of breaking off. Such a bank can crack at the most inopportune moment. Secondly, in order to put a glass jar, we need another spirit-holder, alcohol, a rod with cotton wool, matches. It is better for a novice home nurse to use vacuum plastic cans, which you can buy in any pharmacy.
Vacuum jars are made of polymer, in appearance and properties very resembling rubber.

Are banks always useful?

This question is often asked by doctors. This procedure is recommended for colds, if there is no purulent inflammation or high fever. The doctor can also prescribe a can of massage, which is extremely useful in stretching or myositis. However, there are diseases in which the use of this procedure is not simply not recommended, but is categorically contraindicated. These are:

- oncological diseases;
- tuberculosis;
- purulent pleurisy;
- purulent bronchitis;
- severe forms of influenza;
- pustular rash on the skin.

In addition, there are parts of the body that banks never put on. This is the spine, the heart area, the protruding parts of the joints, large blood vessels.
In any case, it is better to ask the doctor if it is possible to put cans for this disease.

We put the glass jars

The back of the patient should be well coated with petroleum jelly. Wrap the end of the rod with cotton soaked in alcohol to make something like a wick. Disinfect the jar with your finger, swipe your finger along the edge to make sure there are no chips. Take the wick in the right hand and set it on fire( it is best to use an alcohol lamp for this purpose).Burn the wick inside the can, quickly pull out, and put the jar on the patient's body. In the same way, put all the banks. You need to do this quickly. Cover the patient with a diaper and leave for a quarter of an hour. If you did everything right, the patient will feel the relaxing heat, and he will not have unpleasant sensations.

Vacuum jars

The setting of vacuum cans is an easier process. Strongly squeeze the jar, how to squeeze the rubber ball, and put on the patient's body, which must first be lubricated with petroleum jelly. Remember that the more you squeeze the jar, the better it will hold. It is important for the bank not only to deliver, but also to remove correctly. Take it by the left hand. Fingers of the right hand gently push the patient's skin where the edge of the canister passes, which should easily separate, no matter what material it is made from.