Instruction of
The main symptom of spasm of accommodation is a decrease in visual acuity, rapid fatigue and pain in the eyes. Quite often, such a disease occurs in school-age children, and in the absence of appropriate treatment can go into real short-sightedness.
If you have the first symptoms of this disease, you should immediately seek medical help. Only an experienced ophthalmologist can diagnose the spasm of accommodation. In most cases, the patient is prescribed a course of treatment with special eye drops that dilate the pupil and increase visual acuity. The course of this treatment is approximately one week. But, unfortunately, this method gives only temporary results. That is why most patients are prescribed special treatment courses, which are aimed at training the muscles of the lens. They use a set of different exercises for the eyes.
It is very important to pay attention to the nutrition of a sick person. Therefore, if you or your child have been diagnosed with such a disorder, then first of all you need to review the diet. It is necessary to fully take the course of vitamin complexes, which must necessarily contain vitamin A. The food of a sick person should be diverse and contain vitamins and trace elements.
Currently, the technique of laser-magnetic stimulation of the ciliary muscle is very effective. During this procedure, the eyes are exposed to laser radiation. With the help of this technique, in the field of influence, there is an increase in metabolic processes. The impact of the rays is of an impulsive nature, and therefore very quickly removes the existing muscle spasm of the lens. This method is almost completely safe, because during the treatment a special neon laser is used.
Another important aspect of treatment is massage. People prone to the development of spasm of accommodation, it is recommended to undergo at least twice a year a course of massage of the cervical-collar zone.
Try to create at your workplace ideal conditions - watch for correct and sufficient lighting. When working with objects at close range, make sure that they are located at the maximum distance.