It is important to know that the diagnosis of the cyst of the cervical spine is carried out directly by a neurosurgeon and is a comprehensive examination. First of all, the anamnesis of the disease is collected, the causes of the disease development are clarified, the patient's complaints are taken into account. Also, the specialist performs an examination of the spine, including palpation, which is based on an assessment of the severity of the pathological process, disorders of motor activity and sensitivity, the severity of pain.
In addition, additional examinations are mandatory: magnetic resonance or computed tomography of the cervical spine, x-ray of the lesion in several projections, ultrasound examination of the spine. In addition, it is recommended that myelography be performed to determine the spinal cord passability, as well as electromyography to assess the condition of the spinal roots directly. It shows the passage of a general and biochemical study of blood and urine analysis.
As a rule, medical therapy of the cyst of the cervical spine is complex, it is based on the alleviation of the patient's condition and on the prevention of possible serious complications. Treatment of the cyst of this part of the spine can be performed conservatively and surgically. Conservative treatment of cysts is carried out at small sizes, the absence of pronounced painful sensations and consists in the appointment of bed rest, complex nutrition with the maintenance of a large number of vitamins, calcium and phosphorus, and protein.
In addition, the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as "Dicloberl", is recommended. The use of analgesics such as Analgin, Voltaren, and Baralgin is shown. In addition, the use of chondoprotectors, which contribute to the reduction of dystrophic processes in bone-cartilaginous tissue: "Dona", "Alflutop", "Arthrofoon", is considered mandatory. It is advisable to administer anesthetic drugs: "Lidocaine", "Novocain."
In the fight against the cyst of the cervical spine, the following physiotherapy methods can help: therapeutic massage and gymnastics aimed at strengthening the back muscles and removing acute pain syndrome;phonophoresis, which improves healing processes, reduces swelling, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect;reflexology.
In order to eliminate compression of the spinal cord and spinal roots, restore motor activity, improve blood circulation, the cyst of the cervical spine is removed by surgical intervention. Basically, most cysts are removed in large sizes. After the diagnosis, the volume and type of surgery is determined by the neurosurgeon. Typically, the destruction of the cyst is a puncture method using endoscopic and microsurgical instruments.