You will need
  • - a glass of cold water;
  • - lemon or apple cider vinegar;
  • - sugar and beer;
  • - paper bag;
  • is money.
Use the reflex method - press your finger against the root of the tongue, as if trying to induce vomiting. Reduction of the alimentary tract helps to remove the spasms of the diaphragm.
Very good and easily accessible means - ordinary water. Drink an impressive glass of water in small sips. This way the particles of food from the larynx are washed out and their effect on the nerve that passes in this area is excluded.
Eat or drink something bitter or very sour. For example, a slice of lemon or diluted apple cider vinegar. If you get into the digestive system, spasms can go away.
You can try to hold sugar in the language, and then eat it. Or dissolve 1 tbsp.a spoonful of sugar in 2 tbsp.spoons of beer and a drink.
Take a few deep breaths and hold your breath. Exhale the air into a bag of paper and inhale it. This will fill the blood with carbon dioxide, and the attack of hiccoughs will end sooner.
Check for yourself the favorite tool of doctors - a dispute over money. It sounds strange, but works, as they say, not bad. At a time when someone started hiccups, put money on the table. With the hiccupping poor fellow, argue for money that in 1 minute he will stop hiccupping. Sometimes the hiccups go away instantly.
Bend over, clasp hands behind your back and drink a quick sip of cold water from the glass that is on the table. The attack of hiccups should quickly end, because in this position the diaphragm relaxes, and the rapid throats again compress it.
To non-traditional methods you can include laughter. The bottom line is that when laughter stops breathing, and the hiccups miraculously pass.
In case you can not get rid of hiccups quickly, the seizure does not stop for several hours, and folk techniques do not help, medical help is required. Sometimes hiccups are a sign of serious illnesses. The doctor will find out the root cause of the hiccups and prescribe the appropriate therapy.