Probably the first thing a person does when entering the eye of a foreign body is immediately trying to blink or perform eyeball turns in different directions to squeeze out a speck of dust, a grain of sand or an insect from the eye, if any of such objects hit the eye. When it does not help, you can tighten your eyes tightly. This is done in order to squeeze out a tear that can wash the eye and thus remove the mote.

First aid

If a grain of sand falls under the lower eyelid, you should move this part of the century with one hand, while the second take a piece of moistened bandage, twisted into a tube, and so try to remove the foreign body.

In addition, some people solve this problem with the help of a clean nasal handkerchief or clean fingers, which are carefully led to the bridge of the nose in the closed state of the eyelid.

When the object falls under the upper eyelid - here things are a bit more complicated. In this situation, you need to look down, then take the upper eyelid closer to the eyelashes and carefully turn it out, with the other hand and a damp cloth to remove the fallen mote.

But the most effective and safe way to remove a foreign object is to wash your eyes with warm water. It is necessary to type a rubber enema with water and water a thin trickle the injured eye. To achieve a good result, it is recommended to wash the eyes in such a way for at least twenty minutes.


After removal of the mote, it is desirable to drip antibacterial drops into the diseased eye. These can be drops of "Levomycetin" or "Albucid", "Tobrex" or "Floxal", "Tsipromed" or "Kolbiozin".These drugs will help reduce the possibility of inflammation of the affected eye. If you do not have these drugs at your fingertips, then you can use other means, such as antibacterial ointment, which is applied under the eyelid in small amounts.

If even after these activities and the means used for a certain period, the discomfort is still felt in the eye, which only increases, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist. It should be understood that any body - be it a grain of sand, an insect or a chemical environment, can lead to such negative consequences that sometimes a doctor can not help anything in the current situation. That's why it's important not to engage in self-medication, but to ask for help from a specialist.