Instruction of
If your family member or close person regularly uses alcoholic beverages, experiences a revival before the feast, this is the first news that should alert you.
Reduce the number of holidays as much as possible, avoid visiting friends and acquaintances who invite you to visit, where there will certainly be spirits. To get the urge to drink to a minimum, engage in a common interesting activity. The availability of a goal will help to avoid alcoholism. If it does not exist, life becomes boring, there is an uninterrupted desire to diversify it, including through the use of alcoholic beverages.
In case you notice that alcohol consumption ends with a morning hangover, there is intoxication - this is the first stage of alcoholism. In the future there will be a more severe hangover and a desire to start the morning not with a cup of coffee or tea, but with a bottle of beer or more strong drinks.
Seriously talk to a loved one. Convince him to go to the doctor-expert in narcology. Timely assistance of a specialist will help in time to prevent a serious illness.
At the initial stage of alcohol dependence, prescribe medications that can correct mental behavior. If a hidden depression is detected, the doctor will prescribe antidepressants. With mental imbalance, frequent changes of mood, insomnia, prescribe neuroleptics or tranquilizers.
In addition to medications prescribe acupuncture, psychotherapy, coding.
Support the person in every possible way. Even a small emotional shock or stress can cause a breakdown, and the treatment will have to start again.
Folk methods of getting rid of alcohol use as an additional means to the main therapy. Unfortunately, the use of only folk methods rarely allows to rid of a person from drunkenness and subsequent alcoholism.