The peak incidence of influenza and ARVI falls on autumn and spring, when unstable weather is observed. In this case, viral infections, in contrast to bacterial infections, progress in the body very quickly, and usually from infection and until the appearance of the first symptoms, no more than a few hours, less often - days. Therefore, despite the fact that preventive measures for most are well known, the virus spreads rapidly and generates annual seasonal flu epidemics and ARVI.Children who visit gardens and schools, as well as adults, whose work is associated with constant contact with a large number of people during the day, are especially vulnerable to colds.

When infected with a viral infection, chills, fever, headache, weakness, aches in the body. Develop photophobia, reduced efficiency. Since the respiratory tract is initially affected, dryness, perspiration and sore throat, nasal congestion, cough begins. Despite such an unpleasant symptomatology, with timely treatment, colds do not cause serious problems. However, if you start the disease, the real danger is possible complications, among which the most frequent are otitis media, tonsillitis, laryngitis and pneumonia.

General recommendations for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections are in all known trivial truths: bed rest for several days, plentiful warm( not hot!) Drink, regular airing of premises, refusal from alcohol, smoking, acute and heavy food.

Medical self-medication is highly undesirable. At the first signs of the disease and especially at elevated temperature, it is necessary to call a doctor as soon as possible, who already and will appoint competent treatment. Especially it is not recommended to self-prescribe antibiotics. They are shown exclusively in the presence of bacterial complications, diagnosed only by a doctor.

In the treatment of viral diseases, an integrated approach is important. Most often prescribed combined anti-cold medications with a strengthened formula. They not only eliminate symptoms, but also suppress the development of viruses, reduce the risk of complications. The main thing is to choose the right medicine with proven effectiveness. For example, the drug AnviMax, which has long established itself in patients and doctors in the period of exacerbation of colds.

This complex product includes paracetamol, which reduces temperature and relieves muscle pain. Remantadine increases the protective functions of the body, reduces the toxic effects of viruses. In addition, the composition of the drug AnviMax supplemented with substances that have angioprotective and antihistamine action, and vitamin C promotes immunity stimulation.

The drug has an interferonogenic effect, significantly increases the resistance of the body. AnviMax replaces several drugs at once, which greatly facilitates the process of treating influenza and colds. It can be used with caution in diabetes, arterial hypertension in adults, but it is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Patients taking the remedy note its positive effect. Already on the first day, the general condition improves, tearing disappears, and appetite appears. The course of treatment is only 3-5 days.

The reception of such a drug as AnviMax, is possible already with the first symptoms of ARVI and influenza - it allows you to avoid complications and quickly return to the habitual way of life. Since there are contraindications, it is necessary to read the instructions for use and consult the therapist beforehand.

In the season of increased incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, it is not superfluous to receive multivitamin complexes, as well as preparations aimed at strengthening immunity. If there are no contraindications, vaccination is possible. Also, doctors recommend more walking outdoors, ventilating the rooms more often and avoiding crowded places. Remember that the best treatment is prevention, but if the disease has overtaken you, take timely measures, do not abuse self-treatment, and then the cold will be no more than an occasion to spend a few days at home with a book and serials.

HAVE CONTRAINDICATIONS.Before use it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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