Assortment of plant laxatives

In case of constipation of poorly expressed, purgative herbal remedies are prescribed for its elimination. Such agents have a mild effect, and also contribute to an increase in the volume of fecal matter. The drugs act in such a way that a larger amount of liquid is absorbed in the intestine and as a result, its emptying occurs more quickly.

To such a laxative are:
- based on the plantain seed flea - "Mukofalk", "Naturolax", "Fayberlex";
- based on methylcellulose - "Citrucel";
- means using polycarbophil calcium - "Fibercon", "Fiber";
- means, based on pectin - "Kaolin-pectin", "Donnagel".

In the case of a person taking narcotic analgesics or other medications, constipation, which becomes chronic, may develop. Then you need to take laxatives more powerful effects.

The means, which in such cases have a positive effect, include: dandelion, bark of buckthorn, sorrel curly and rhubarb pharmacy. These herbs are recommended to take in small amounts, courses - not more than a couple of weeks.

Means of softening effect

There are ready-made laxatives, in which the most optimal ratio of the constituents of medicinal herbs and medicines that have the necessary laxative effect is observed. Depending on the severity of constipation and the desired effect, the following drugs exist:

"Dokuzate sodium" is a laxative containing sodium picosulfate. Very effective for constipation, preparation before endoscopic examination of the large intestine. The product softens the stool and strengthens the defecation reflex.

"Bisacodyl" is a laxative effective for constipation, spastic or hypotonic dyskinesia of the colon after an operation, childbirth, or diet.

Preparations containing hay leaves( cassia): "Anthrasennin", "Gerbion", "Laxana", "Glaxenna", "Regulax", "Senade", "Senadexin", "Senalex", "Tisasen", "Ex-Lax. "

These agents cause irritation of receptors located on the intestinal mucosa, and reflexively increase intestinal peristalsis, which as a result leads to its faster emptying and restoration of its normal functioning. An important factor is the lack of addiction to the components of drugs and a fairly rapid action - 8 to 10 hours after use.

When choosing a laxative, it is necessary to consult a specialist, in order to help your body - do not make it worse. Also, very carefully should study the instructions for use and dosage of the drug.